Download: Click here to download the source files (38 KB | code and comments in Spanish)
Download: Click here to download the executable JAR file (64.3 KB | text in Spanish)
Note that you will need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer.
Download: Click here to download the documentation (86.7 KB | PDF | in Spanish)

Sokoban is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations. Only one box may be pushed at a time, and boxes cannot be pulled.

Sokokiller is a command-line application coded in Java. It is an Artificial Inteligence project that demonstrates how to solve Sokoban puzzles by using a depth-first search algorithm. Each Sokoban board is defined in a XML file that describes where the player, boxes, walls and destination squares are located. After running the application it creates a text file with a list of actions that the player should perfom to push all the boxes into the destination squares.