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After finishing Dragon Age Origins I felt amazed of the great job done by Bioware. It was almost like going back to the Baldur's Gate's times, which is one my favourite games. I was downloading the toolset just some minutes after the credits screen ended. My imagination started running again thinking about what I could do with those tools. It took me some time to get used to the toolset, but fortunately there is a fantastic community helping new modders.

This time I worked alone, dealing with scripts, conversations, levels, cutscenes... Since it was taking me more time than I initially expected, I decided to divide my mod in three chapters. Many ambitious projects never arrive to an end, my aim here was to complete at least one playable chapter by the end of the year.

The Dragon Age Toolset is a powerful tool that allows to visually add different game objects to a previously loaded area. In simple words, each game object (creatures, placeables, plots, areas, items...) has a default script attached that manages its events. For example, when a door is clicked, it fires an event (EVENT_TYPE_USE) that is internally processed. So, the game programmer can write his own scripts and override the default behaviour of a game object. Scripts are written using the Dragon Age Scripting Language, which has a C-like syntax.

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