Download: Click here to download the game (48 MB | DropBox)
Download: Click here to download the game documentation (380 KB | PDF | in Spanish)

Project Star Wars was my third amateur game, and my first contact with 3D programming. It was a space invaders like game and it took me one month of hard work. It was powered by Open Scene Graph (OSG) engine.

That year I had the luck of meeting a great teacher during a 3D programming seminar. There I learned the basis about scene graph-based 3D engines and linear algebra applied to game programming.

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  • Platform:
    • PC / Windows.
  • Engine:
  • Programming language:
    • C++.
  • Development time:
    • Oct 2006 - Nov 2006.
  • Main features:
    • Old school arcade gameplay with a Star Wars-based theme.
    • State machine-based game architecture.
    • Time-based event system used to spawn new enemy spaceships.
    • Bounding box collision detection.
    • Group collision detection. Scene nodes are assigned to groups, each one knowing the available groups to collide.
    • Different behaviours for the enemy spaceships: some pursuit the player's spaceship, others just try to dodge the fire.