This is another prototype I worked on during my time at Playerthree. It was made for a client who was interested in creating a sequel for a game he had published before, but first he needed a working prototype to find a publisher.

It is a two player, real-time battle arena for mobile devices that follows the guidelines of games like Hearthstone or Clash Royale. Each player controls a team of 2 heroes on a arena made of a matrix of squares. The player has to select the squares his heroes will move to when the current round ends. After both players have made their moves, the game executes them at the same time. Some squares are empty, but others have a particular action attached to them, like defence, attack or spell. So the player needs to move his heroes to those squares that will allow him to defeat the other player's heroes. After a square has been used, another one is randomly created in a new location.

Playing strategy games is something I found of a great fun. I feel very interested in adapting some of my favourite board and card games into video games, so this was a fantastic opportunity to dig into it. For this prototype I built a simple multiplayer system (powered by Gamesparks) that ran on the cloud and allowed both players to exchange their actions for each round.