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Air Warriors was the result of my Final University Project: "Development of a videogame for PlayStation Portable".

It was coded in C++ using an engine known as LTE Game Engine. I took as base design one of my previous games, Project Star Wars, and improved it adding new features like a behavior-based system.

The game is a space arcade with an apocalyptic plot. One of the key objectives was to allow the player to interact with other NPCs. A first-person adventure mode and a radio transmission system were added for that purpose. The adventure mode is used before each mission, and it allows the player to explore a location and talk to NPCs. The radio transmission system is used during the arcade gameplay. It displays conversations between characters mixing portraits and texts.

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  • Platform:
    • Sony PSP.
  • Engine:
  • Programming language:
    • C++.
  • Development time:
    • Jul 2007 - Sep 2007.
  • Main features:
    • Mixes old school arcade gameplay with first-person adventure gameplay.
    • Take control of a powerful spaceship and fight different alien spaceships while you collect items to improve your shields and weapons.
    • Explore maps in first-person perspective while you talk to other characters.
    • Strong and flexible class design.
    • State machine-based game architecture.
    • Behaviour system. Scene nodes are seen as 3D models with some behaviours attached to them. These behaviours improve code reutilization and avoid complex hierarchical relationships.
    • Other features already included in my previous game, Project Star Wars: group collision detection and time-based event system.