Note that you will need to have Macromedia or Adobe Director installed on your computer in order to load the Director project file.
Download: Click here to download the game documentation (99 KB | PDF | in Spanish)

During a Macromedia Director and Flash seminar at the university, my teacher proposed me making a physics engine similar to Havok (available in Director), but in a 2D way. As a result I developed 2D Engine which was a good opportunity to work at a lower level, developing algorithms and building the basics of a 2D engine.

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  • Platform:
    • PC / Windows.
  • Engine:
    • Home grown.
  • Programming language:
    • Macromedia Director's Scripting Language: Lingo.
  • Development time:
    • Mar 2007 - Apr 2007.
  • Main features:
    • Hierarchical structure. Translation, rotation and scale transformations can be applied to Sprite objects. Transformations propagate to child Sprite objects.
    • Sectorial collision controller. It can be activated to help with the collision detection tasks. It basically splits the screen in a given number of sectors and only checks collisions in those containing objects that can collide betweem them.
    • Perfect pixel, bounding box and circle collision detection.
    • Rigid body dynamics.