Rocket Robin is the first game I developed for Playerthree. It takes the idea from one of BBC Top Gear's TV show challenges, allowing the player to launch all sort of crazy vehicles into space. Following the Free to Play template, the player can spend virtual coins to buy improved parts for the spaceship, reaching even higher marks.

It is coded in C++ using Marmalade SDK. Since Rocket Robin is played in a 2D way, although showing 3D graphics, the game physics are processed with Box2D physics engine.

Having passed through the hands of 3 different programmers during its long lifetime, this game had become a heavy load for the studio. At this point, the existing code wasn't in its best state, with an almost monolithic structure that required much refactoring to be done.

Nine months after I started my work, I could not be much happier with the final result, presenting a cleaner and more flexible architecture that makes adding new features an easier task. In addition, working in a 3D environment I was able to put in practice my skills with linear algebra and maths, something that I always enjoy and find really rewarding.