This game is part of the relaunch of the animated series OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. It was created to help promote the series in some countries where it is now so well known.

OK K.O.! Parking Lot Wars follows the guidelines of turn based strategy games like Advance Wars. Two teams of 3 characters engage in combat. Each character has different stats and special abilities. Some of them are strong but slow, others are weaker but are able to attack from a long distance. The player and the AI switch turns to move their characters across the board and attack the opponent's characters.

One of the most challenging parts of the development was the creation of the AI. I found 2 designs that could meet our needs. The first one simply uses a priority list for each enemy. This list is made up of a sequence of conditions that are evaluated until one is fulfilled and the associated action is executed. The problem with this design is that the AI treats each character independently, so the team doesn't act coordinately. The second approach considers every possible combination of actions and gives them a score based on an existing criteria. Coordination is achieved, but much more processing time is required.

For OK K.O.! I opted for this design, since the number of characters the AI had to control was just 3, but probably the priority list would have worked as well. Since this game was aimed for kids, a very smart AI could in fact be a bad thing. With the scoring-based algorithm is always possible to choose a combination of actions that is not the best one, thus softening the level of difficulty. But if the same result may be obtained with less complexity, why not do it.

It is coded in Javascript using PixiJS.