"Knowing is not enough, you must apply;
willing is not enough, you must do"
- Bruce Lee

Welcome to my game development portfolio!

I'm a game programmer and here you can find information about the most relevant games I have created so far, like White Spell, as well as some of my personal projects and my CV.

I learned to make video games while I was completing my BS in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Deusto (Spain). During those years I improved my knowledge of C/C++ and learned new design patterns and architectures that helped me to achieve my goal.

For several years I split my time between my job as freelance Software Engineer and what I consider my true passion, video game development. After publishing Chains Keeper, I managed to get a full time job as game programmer at Playerthree, a small studio based in London, where I professionally grew up developing mobile and web games. Eventually, I returned to Spain and became part of the Hunters of Magic's team, a tiny 3-men startup that is trying to create an ambitious MMORTS known as White Spell.

Most of my experience is about gameplay logic, but I have also dealt with AI, UI, animations, physics and networking algorithms. I've worked with a wide range of technologies, including C++ (with game engines like Marmalade SDK and Cocos2d-x), HTML5/Javascript (with PIXI), Unity, and other less code heavy engines and modding tools like Wintermute or Dragon Age Toolset.

My love for video games lies in their ability to express deep emotions through sound, graphics and interaction. My goal as a game developer is to create an emotionally enriching experience for the player. Something that will make him reflect on an unnoticed aspect of his life. Probably that's why most of the games that have inspired me along these years are indie games, like Braid, Bastion, Papo & Yo, Journey, To the Moon or The Banner Saga. Their strong narrative side and creativity are some of the ingredients that I consider essential to achieve that special connection with the player.

I'm also very interested in other related fields, like game design.

I hope you'll enjoy this portfolio and if you have some advice to improve it, please, let me know.

- Jon Alonso

.-. Bookshelf .-.
Effective C++

by Scott Meyers
Game Engine Architecture

by Jason Gregory
The Art of Game Design

by Jesse Schell
Game Programming Patterns

by Robert Nystrom
The C++ Programming Language

by Bjarne Stroustrup
Game Coding Complete

by Mike McShaffry, David Graham
Clean Code

by Robert C. Martin
Game AI Pro

by Steven Ravin
Game Development Patterns with Unity 2019

by David Baron

.-. Playing .-.
This Is the Police

by Weappy Studio